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South Korea
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Cast Iron
Pellet Stoves


wood pellet stoves for both
- Fuel and wood pellets can be used at the same time economical.
- Communicating and connecting

 pellet (Pellet) ?

Pellet fuel is made from environmentally friendly wood.
Other fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, LPG), unlike carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during combustion is not complete combustion and pollution-free bio-energy. Pellets of the materials and products made using other fuels than regular fellowship calories can pay very little water and dehydration rate is the sum of clean fuel.

+ Features +

* upstream of the fuel supply system by installing a fully automatic burner and heat reducing fuel consumption and maximize efficiency

* no carbon dioxide emissions from combustion and pollution-free bio-complete combustion eneojiim.

* to use forest resources for energy to fuel eco-nanroim.

* of the fine carbon and renewable energy pellets to solve global warming.

* breakthrough in high oil prices fuel savings

* burnt ash is used as natural fertilizer in harmony with ecosystems (rural flowers and crops) suitable for

* wood pellet stoves for both

- Fuel and wood pellets can be used at the same time economical.
- Communicating and connecting heating efficiency is high.

 Installation Site

Agriculture, livestock fisheries sector facilities: Facilities House farm, fish farm, mushroom miller's cottage, fisheries, manufacturing and seaweed, miller's cottage
- Education facilities: Childcare, kindergarten, training center, training center, schools, dormitories, sports center
- Industrial Facilities: factory, factory dormitories, offices, construction sites, etc.
- Lodging: Motels, cottages and country house, restaurants, etc.
- Military Facilities: Gunnae unaccompanied, administration, such as land and coastal post
- Facilities for various businesses: small bathroom facilities, health club showers, these businesses, such as cosmetic

Reduce heat

- calculation of heating is compared to ten won. Average moth Index 500kcal
(Mean  heat balance time (6 hours) / per unit price of calories per unit 30 days)

- other yeolwonin electricity, gas and kerosene prices continued to rise equipment.

- If you use pellets in the pellet due to increased supply can reduce heating bills each year.